Episode 56 – From Designer to Publisher, with Ben Dutter

We are joined again by Ben Dutter, talking about his new game Perseverant, and about making the transformation from designing to publishing games.


Peseverant on Kickstarter
Forge of Valor Beta
Ben Dutter on DriveThruRPG


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Episode 55 – Planning Conventions with Avonelle Wing

We are joined this week by Avonelle Wing to talk about planning and organizing conventions.  Avonelle is a part of Double Exposure as well as their Envoy Program.

Avonelle’s Twitter
Double Exposure
Double Exposure on Twitter

Double Exposure on Facebook


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Episode 52 – Character Conversations

We discuss the kids of conversations that happen at the table between characters, and try to find a way to quantify them for design.

Larry has set up a document here that can be referenced, and hopefully built upon:


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Episode 48 – Hobby vs Mass Market Games with Dustin DePenning

We are joined by Dustin DePenning to talk about his experiences and thoughts related to the mass market gaming industry and the hobby games we’re more familiar with.  We talk about both board games and RPGs, and how those industries are changing and growing.

We reference Dustin’s essay on the topic, which can be found here:

Dustin is currently working on Synthicide which is in beta 2.0, and can be found on drivethrurpg:
Or you can learn about it, or contact Dustin via Facebook:

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