Month: April 2016

Episode 44: Noirlandia, Props, and Evan Rowland

Evan Rowland joins us to talk about his and Hannah’s latest game, Noirlandia.  We also talk about the use of props in games, what forms that could take, and what purposes they can serve.

Noirlandia Kickstarter:

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Bonus Episode: Bringing Out Shy Players with James and Kat

This time our guests are James and Kat from One Shot, and we talk about how we can bring shy players out of their shell for games.  As an added bonus, there’s a short play of Noisy Person Cards.

Noisy Person Cards Kickstarter:
One Shot Podcast:
One Shot Patreon:

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Larry’s Ridiculous Hiking Socks

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Episode 43: Kickstarter Fulfillment with Ben Dutter

We Chat with Ben Dutter of Sigil Stone Publishing about the fulfillment side of the Kickstarter Beast.

And speaking of beasts, the Kickstarter for Belly of the Beast can be found here:

Additional Links:

Main Website: Sigil Stone Publishing

Belly of the Beast Website:
DriveThru Store
Winston Lew (Artist)
Phillip Gessert (Layout)