Month: October 2015

Bonus Episode: Kickstarting Jason Pitre

We talk with Jason Pitre about crowd funding in gemeral, but mostly about Kickstarter.  We discuss how Kickstarters work, why they are run the way they are, and how they affect games.

Jason Pitre is currently running a kickstarter for Sig: The City Between.

He can be found at Genesis of Legend, and runs the RPG Design Panelcast.

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Episode 31 – Art, Gaming, and Free Speech with Mark Diaz Truman

Mark Diaz Truman joins us for a talk about the growing debate happening in out community, mostly as it focuses around DriveThruRPG.

Please note that this is a more contentious topic than we typically discuss.  It may not be for everyone.

Masks Kickstarter
Mark at Magpie Games
Mark at Google+
Patreon for Mark Creating the Fate Codex

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