Episode 26 – Game Chef Reviews

We give our thoughts on some Game Chef Entries that were submitted for the 2015 contest.

Entries were:
Brent Newhall – Uneven Wings
Cameron Mount – The Dreams of Dragonflies
Hannah Shaffer – All Hail Bugtopia!
Niamh Schönherr – Tea Ceremony
Christopher Stone-Bush – Kaidankai no Akitsushima
Kiristin Firth – Everyone’s A Suspect

Threeforged game Design Contest

Download (Right-Click and Save As)



  1. Thanks very much for the kind words about my “Uneven Wings” entry! You nailed my intensions, for what that’s worth.

    And you’re absolutely right that one of Game Chef’s strengths is its ability to foster experimental forms.


    1. It was great to see all the unique games that came from the same theme and ingredients. Glad to hear we got it right in the review. Sometimes it’s possible to miss people’s intentions when doing that.

      It was a pleasure. Thanks for putting your game forward for it.


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