Episode 25 – Twenty-Five!

We rave about things we’re glad of in the world of gaming to celebrate our 25th episode.

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  1. Like Alex, one of my favorite things about RPGs is how accessible they can be.
    There are several good game available for free and many can be played with d6s that most people probably have already from boardgames. Beyond that you just need a pencil, paper, and a few friends. I just love how minimalist it can be.
    Games that go the other way, requiring computer aids, specialty dice, or dozens of supplemental books, I think are turning their backs on RPGs greatest strength.


    1. Absolutely. A big issue with digital games is archiving and preserving them – so many games will be impossible to play, because of compatibility or server issues. I know there are many concerted efforts to work around this, but it’s still an issue. RPGs exist and can be preserved in physical books and digital backups, but they also live in the people who play them. That’s pretty neat! -Alex


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