Episode 24 – Create and/or Explore

How is a game different when it gives you ideas, or asks you to create your own? This could be in setting material, random tables, character options, or more.

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  1. Excellent discussion!
    I’ve been running a freeform worldbuilding game for 2 mo that now. Instead of just saying “hey guys, build a world!”, I’ve been directing questions at players. ” What does this race look like?” “Who raises children in this society?”
    I have another game of Cavemaster which has been more GM driven but I think I’m going to start adding something into the wrap-up portion of sessions where I ask the players to vote on what direction they want the game to go the next week.


    1. Building through play (and through questions to the players), I always find is a good way to ease players into more collaborative worldbuilding as well. Particularly at conventions when I’m running for a group of strangers.

      I like the player vote idea as well. I feel like that could have the dual purpose of getting people excited about the next session as well.


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