Episode 12 – Be Prepared Or Don’t

What changes about a game when you prepare content before your sessions? How does this affect how the players and the GM see the game?

Sentinel Tactics

Download (Right-Click and Save As)



  1. KerPlunk would make a good sexual tension/release game too. Marbles make everything more bawdy.
    Also, thanks for giving me an excuse to look up and watch this ad:

    The Jenga mechanic could lend itself to any kind of suspense story. A while ago I was thinking of a spy game where you were deep undercover and whenever you told a lie (to add to your blank character sheet) you pulled a tile. When the tower fell your team’s cover was blown and everyone FLIPS their character sheet over to reveal their real identities (which were secret even to the players before hand). Then you build up the tower again to escape the enemy you’d been infiltrating (with your stolen secrets).

    Although, writing that paragraph was about as much work as I’d ever put into that idea, haha.

    Anyway, great episode!


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