Month: January 2015

Episode 13 – Gaming as an Alibi

What kinds of behaviours does tabletop role-playing elicit, that we might not get to engage in otherwise? How can we take advantage of the liminal space that gaming creates, and how can it be abused?

Mentioned: The Art of Playstorming

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Talk with Brent Newhall – Comparison of Traditional and Story Games

We have Brent Newhall on for this one. Brent talks to us about his many games, and we discuss the differences between traditional games and story games.

Brent Newhall’s site can be found here.

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Episode 11 – Us vs Us

Players don’t always work together when playing an RPG – even when they’re supposed to, competitiveness can still arise.  What makes a game effective in being competitive or cooperative?  What experiences do the two modes of play generate?

Some Links:
Carolina Death Crawl
Out of Dodge
Time & Temp

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