Episode 10 – Jesse’s Messy or E P 10

For our tenth, we did something a bit different – there’s no topic per se, just a bunch of rants and comments.

The Links:
Kim & Marshall
Critical Success – Voicing Characters
Eclipse Phase bans MRAs

Download (Right-Click and Save As)



  1. I would be all over Alex’s g+ larp if it were open.
    Also, I didn’t know you guys were interested in getting emails. I’ll send one soon!


  2. I’d suggest looking into the game Heist by Dominika Kovacova, Magnar Gronvik Muller and Natasha Smolnikova. It’s also Tarantino-esque game about a heist going to shit, but it has more game aspects in planning the whole thing out and then plays up the humour in the shouting and finger pointing at the hideout when the plan has inevitably failed.

    The game is, sadly, stuck in limbo regarding publicising it, but if you get in touch with Magnar, he’s likely to give access to the game files.


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