Episode 9 – Getting Away From Escapism

It is taken as a given that RPGs are about escapism.  We dissect that idea, and what it means to different types of games.

Check out the exciting new games we talked about: DROP by Brent P. Newhall and A Place to Fuck Each Other by Avery McDaldno and An Sheep.

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  1. You guys discussed different kinds of escapism and whether or not escapism deserves it’s negative social connotations, but I was kind of surprised that not one tried to offer up examples of games, or play styles, that aren’t escapist.


    1. That is a good point. The first thing that comes to mine for me is some of the roleplaying done as teaching aids in school. While I’ve heard that happens in some places, it’s not something I know much about. Was there something you had in mind yourself in that regard?


      1. RPGs as a learning experience occurred to me too.
        Last month I played Kagematsu at a local con. I was definitely playing to step outside my normal experience but it wasn’t to escape my life for something more enjoyable.


  2. Alex! I want to know what your definition of escapism was that you never got to explain because Larry kept talking over you.

    Larry, I like your stuff, but I almost had to abandon this one because you wouldn’t let Alex get a word in edgewise and I wanted to hear what she had to say.

    Also, guys, bagging on the way people enjoy gaming just because it’s not your thing is not cool. Just because someone likes competence porn or hack & slash or whatever it is, is no reason to denigrate their preferences. Also plenty of us who like those things also enjoy collaborative storytelling games, and whatever else you guys may prefer. There’s room for all of us at the game table.

    Minor gripes aside, I’m enjoying the cast and will continue to catch up on it. Keep crankin’ ’em out.


    1. (Larry here) Sorry, I could see an off-topic rant coming and wanted to head it off there. But I’ll tell Alex to pass on her definition of escapism.

      As for bagging on hack & slash, you’re right. People enjoy games in their own way. I’ll try to address this the next time we record.


  3. Some incredible fiction is competence porn (Criminal Minds and Leverage, which is also an incredible system that does cool things other games don’t


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