Episode 7 – The Thin Red LARP

This time, a few people with very little LARP experience try to talk about LARPs.  We discuss what they are currently, how they differ from tabletop play, and what we might be able to learn from them.

Robot Menace
One Shot

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  1. I only have one LARP experience, when I ran a western murder mystery. There were a lot of things I enjoyed about it and a lot of things I want to fix when I try it again. But my players had difficulty getting and staying in character. I think many of them felt self conscious so the broke character and fell into their familiar cliques.


    1. I hear you, Matt! Roleplaying requires a certain lack of self-consciousness, and LARPing even more so. I was lucky in that my first LARP involved people I’d never met before – there were no familiar patterns of behaviour to fall into, the way there would be with friends. The question is: how do we help players feel okay outside their comfort zone, such that they don’t feel the need to disengage, break character, etc to feel comfortable? I bet there are lots of answers. -Alex


      1. I think that might be the key. For the next one I need to find a group of players that have little connection to each other but wouldn’t be too weirded out by the whole situation.


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