In this episode, we discuss bleed – what it is, how games design for it, and our experiences with it in play.

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  1. Hey there! I discovered your show a week ago and am all caught up now. Great stuff!

    In high school I once tried running a D&D campaign using maps of real caves. It was very difficult and quickly was abandoned because the organic shapes and three dimensional nature of caves just didn’t translate into the game in a meaningful way. It was one of the experiences that helped me realize that I tend to place too much importance on having realistic maps in games. I love making maps but for actual game play just describing an interesting space in an engaging way is much more important.


    1. Thanks for checking us out 🙂

      Your cave game story is a familiar one in some ways; a lot of gamers go through shifts in what we consider important and worth including in a game. Whether it’s a learning process, or our priorities change, I wonder. IRL cave adventures are cool though.


  2. Liking your new gaming podcast — great assortment of topics so far!

    One thing on this episode. I think you confused Carolina Death Crawl, a game about being stuck behind Confederate lines in the Civil War, with Ribbon Drive, a game about a road trip that uses mix tape as a mechanic.

    Also, hopefully you can improve the sound quality. The static and digital compression is a bit harsh at times making it hard to hear what is being said. Especially for me as I’m a bit deaf so focusing on human voice can be an issue and the extra noise means that just turning it louder doesn’t necessarily help. Not sure how other podcasts do it but hopefully you can sort it out as I look forward to your future episodes.


    1. I think you’re right. Thanks for letting us know.

      For sound quality, yes, we’re trying to improve it. There are a few challenges we’ve been dealing with, and we’re all pretty new. But I’m glad you’re interested, and I hope we can keep making it better.


  3. Hey, new listener, liking the show. Can we get links to those videos on Bleed and Framing? I’ve actually been discussing different aspects of what typically gets referred to as “immersion” (a phrase I hate), trying to break down various facets of it so people can use those instead of the “I” word. Bleed and framing have both, naturally, come up.

    Keep up the good work!


      1. You know what, as soon as I listened to the next ep, I recognized his voice and I was like “oh yeah that’s the wandering gopro rpg theory guy!”
        Thanks for the links, these are worth watching again!


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