Episode 0

Welcome, listeners! In our inaugural episode, we answer such burning questions as “Who are you?” and “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Get to know us, the games we love, and what exactly the Tabletop Superhighway is all about.

Download (Right-Click and Save As)



  1. Hey folks, welcome to the Internet! I heard about this from the recent Jank Cast episode and was a big fan of Emergent Play.

    This was better than most 0 episodes and it got me excited to listen to more. A success by any measure!

    Sound quality could be better, but I bet you know that. My big problem, though, is that I can’t download the episodes. I listen at work, so streaming from a page can be problematic. I’m not sure how computers work, but if you could give a download option in the future, I’d be very grateful.

    Either way, I appreciate the work the three of you are putting into this. Can’t wait to listen to more!


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